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What your Oscar favourite says about YOU

This weekend, smartly dressed people will be opening envelopes and telling an audience what the words inside those envelopes say. It’s exciting because the people are famous, the envelopes are golden and the words are the names of movies. It’s the Oscars, and 2014 sees a pretty strong list of nominees for best picture.

But rather than debate the relative merits of Joaquin Phoenix’s moustache in Her versus Matthew McConaughey’s in Dallas Buyers Club, let’s see what your favourite contender says about you. Having profiled millions of cinema goers, we know a fair bit about them: from where sci-fi fans buy their groceries, to what anime fans get up to on holiday. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the nominees …

Captain Phillips
A thriller on the open seas. While not the most adventurous of people, you probably like the sound of a holiday in South America (just don’t travel there by cargo ship). You’re 66% more likely to read books on your Kindle, and try to avoid making decisions based on ‘gut feeling’.

While you enjoyed floating in space at the cinema, you’re actually very down to earth. You like to talk about cars and football, read Men’s Health on holiday and are 30% less likely to volunteer for a charity than the average film goer. Oh, and maybe you’re a fan of winter sports: perfect for someone who loves action films.

12 Years a Slave
Not exactly Downton Abbey, but a period drama all the same. So you like the idea of a holiday in the Middle East (or, next best thing, a British seaside holiday) and you’ve probably been to the theatre fairly recently. Perhaps you buy your popcorn from Waitrose, where you’re twice as likely to shop.

The Wolf of Wall Street
As a fan of the (admittedly dark) comedy, you’re likely to be angry with your internet service provider, especially if your connection’s too slow to watch your favourite sports (horse racing and basketball). Holiday plans? This year you might be considering Disneyland.

You could see it as a romance, in which case you like the idea of a car that goes off-roading and are 43% less likely to ‘seize opportunities when they arise’. But the film’s set in the future, so as a sci-fi fan you might enjoy scuba diving, be 48% more likely to drive a Volvo, and describe your dress sense as ‘quirky’.

There we go. Whichever film wins, one thing is clear: it will change the world (but only if you take ‘world’ to mean ‘the blurbs on the back of DVDs’). And if your favourite Oscar nominee’s not on the list? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll explain what your love of Judy Dench really means.

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