What Does Your Choice of Brew Say About You?

St. Patrick’s Day has arrived, and we can begin to celebrate an age old tale, of a young Welsh boy who was captured, and sent to Ireland, to become a slave. After escaping, he returned years later to spread the word of God. Fast forward 2000 years later, as Ireland’s Patron Saint, we continue to celebrate the brave young man. But why do we celebrate this holiday with alcohol? And can our personality really affect our choice of drink?

According to, Saint Patrick introduced whiskey to Ireland, using it to teach lessons from the Bible. The tale suggests that Patrick was given a short measure of whisky, and he used this as an opportunity to teach generosity. Patrick told the innkeeper that the devil resides in his cellar, causing his greediness, which made him cheat people of their drink. To banish the devil, and redeem himself, the innkeeper had to fill each cup until it overflowed. Therefore, it became custom to drink a ‘full measure’, known as “Pota Phadraig – Patrick’s Pot”, or “Drowning the Shamrock”. However, nowadays, people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by drinking a pint of Guinness (or anything that takes your fancy really), and dropping a Shamrock lapel into the empty glass of the evening’s last drink.

But the question is, what does your St Patrick’s day brew, say about you?

  • Cocktail – You’re quite simply, the life of the party. You’re the most sociable of the crowd, and known for being an international party drinker. As soon as you arrive, you’re in full swing of the party, and adapt to your surroundings quickly, making sure you get the most out of the night as possible. The music needs to be loud, drinks flowing, and people dancing for you to be content. You’re also the most likely to get sent home in a taxi thinking: ‘That last cocktail really didn’t taste all that strong’.
  • Champagne – Your life is basically perfect. You have 2.4 kids in a semi-detached home, with your golden retriever. You feel that any party is an excuse for drinking the champers, and you can always tell your friends which is the best, with your impeccable taste. You’re sweet and sociable, but conservative, looking for traditional night to remember.
  • Soft Drink – Hey, you’re not that much into drinking, and that’s okay! You like to remember the night, and probably will have to parent your friends. You’re spontaneous, friendly, and ready to go with the flow of the night.
  • Whisky – You know exactly what you want and how you want it. It’s not even a struggle for you to make a decision. With your humorous, down to earth nature, you’ll be in full flow of the party. Tonight is the night to break rules, and see where it takes you.
  • Wine – You’re the organiser of the group. This way, you can be sure not to miss out on anything! You also love a bit of gossip, and can find it quite hard to keep a secret within your social group.
  • Beer –  You have a ‘matter of fact’ nature that means you can be impatient at times – however, you never keep a grudge. You’re the witty one out of your friends, and find it easy to get on with just about everyone (apart from the ones you’re too impatient for!). Your honest, a good friend, and you like the simple things in life – such as a humble beer.
  • Alcopop –  Your – go with the crowd – nature does not mean you have a quiet personality. Actually – far from it! You’re known to be a bit scruffy, and clumsy when it comes to keeping the bottle upright. And you seem to have a tendency to be the emotional one at the end of the night, and no, you shouldn’t call your ex.
  • Tequila – You’re going to be out all night – and all day! You’ll meet just about everyone there is to meet, with your large circle of friends, and with a party ready attitude. You’ll basically keel over if you’re bored for too long, and can’t bear the thought of life becoming predictable. You live for spontaneity, and being the adventurous and risky one out of the group, you’re known to act first, and think later.
  • Guinness – You’re mature ways means that your independent, and you’re known for being the loyal friend. You’re up for trying anything, have a distinctive nature, and are the most traditional of the bunch. And really, what is St Patrick’s Day without a Guinness?

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