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The 10 Real Thank You’s to Say to Your Mum this Mother’s Day:

Dear all Mums out there,

This weekend hosts one of the most important days of the year: Mother’s Day – dedicated to you, through the giving of gifts, breakfast in bed, and a day off to put your feet up… if you don’t have children under the age of 7. You’ll probably receive some flowers, or a bath bomb, when what you’d really like are some coupons you can use on your kids to span out help around the house all year round and some alone time. We’re not judging.

You’re going to be thanked for putting up with the terrible twos tantrums (and the tens and twenties…), for all those car rides, home-cooked meals and of course, the pain of birth (yeesh). But it’s never recognised that in fact, you kind of broke your old self to build yourself again, all for someone new.

Motherhood is all about recreating yourself, to become a better human, for a mini-you – and that’s not always a bad thing. Sure, you might miss staying out till sunrise with your girls every Friday night – or heck, even being able to snack or go to the toilet by yourself every once in awhile – but at least you have someone to thank you for those downfalls. Here’s some realistic praises we think you are owed this mother’s day:

  1. Well done for making up songs about every single thing in your child’s life to celebrate – ranging from potty training to eating their broccoli and then having to repeat it 1000x after the moment has passed.
  2. Finally understanding why Goldilocks discovered Mumma Bear’s porridge was cold – because like every mother, she didn’t have time.
  3. Developing a killer ‘Mum’ voice, that even your neighbours can feel the urge to tidy their rooms and brush their teeth ASAP.
  4. Accepting that you won’t be sleeping until you retire – and then not sleeping again because you’ll be babysitting your grandchildren.
  5. Putting on the perfect poker face when telling off your children for doing something you would have done as well when you were their age.
  6. Making the house look like ‘Disney on Ice’ in under 45 minutes, when the in-laws are about to arrive.
  7. Equally, convincing yourself that your Laura Ashley curtains look better with the extra design of butternut squash and red felt tip pen that your toddler has added.
  8. Bossing the ‘I really don’t care what you think’ look when you’re in the supermarket, 3-year-old is opening a packet of crisps, 5 year-old is throwing a full on tantrum, and someone is looking at you as if you are mad (just wait till they have kids).
  9. Fixing a smile on your face when everyone asks if they can touch your stomach. It wasn’t okay when you wasn’t pregnant, and it isn’t okay now.
  10. And finally, to allowing yourself to become a saint in patience… most of the time.

Happy Mother’s Day. We hope you find an extra special snack in the pantry whilst you hide from your kids. Let us know your most testing tales by commenting below.

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