Snowboard to Work

Snowboard Back To Work

It’s not always easy getting back into the swing of work after two weeks spent topping up your sunburn. Spreadsheets look blankly back at us, the canteen lunch looks sad, and what are all these pale faces talking about in this meeting?

But look over there, at that guy with the silly raccoon tan. Just yesterday he was snowboarding off some California mountain, but he actually looks happy to be back in the office, and he’s even getting stuff done on his laptop. What’s his secret?

A poll by SWISS found that two thirds of us return to work feeling sluggish after a holiday, and a quarter of us even forget how to do our jobs altogether. It seems that far from refreshing our minds, relaxing holidays actually just leave us feeling lethargic, unable to get back into the rhythms of our normal lives.

The solution, researchers tell us, is to take a more active approach to annual leave. Half of those who went skiing, snowboarding, hiking, scuba diving (or even camel trekking) said they came back more refreshed, their minds sharp and their grasp of Microsoft Office in tact.

But if that sort of holiday isn’t for you, is there anything else you can do to stay focussed after a fortnight away? The British Heart Foundation believes there is. It suggests you try waking up 20 minutes earlier, to allow time for a short walk before work. A bit less of the snooze button, a few more moments to clear the mind.

It might also be an idea to join a sports club at work. You could even set up your own water polo team if that will keep you happy. The idea is to give you something active to look forward to each week, something a bit less depressing than the gym.

If you’re still feeling a little sluggish after all that, well, it looks like you could do with a holiday. Got any tips for getting back into the swing of work? Let us know in the comments below.


The work benefits of more active holidays by The British Psychological Society.
Published January 24, 2014.

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  • Evelyn - 6 years ago

    In response to the article on “Snowboard Back To Work”…while I find it interesting, I didn’t learn anything new…so here’s what I believe. I believe that whatever one is doing in life on a daily basis one must ENJOY it. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, it’s time wasted. Taking a two week break is only skirting the issue at hand which is unhappiness. Just think about it for a second. If you enjoyed your job, be it working 9-5 or a stay at home Mom…you would love the 2 week holiday and love to return! You would also be energized when you got back. I honestly believe we think too much about how we feel on any given day, (which means we have too much time on our hands) and fail to see the purpose of ‘just getting on with it’. Society dictates that we should be ecstatic when it’s Friday. And when does anyone come to work on Monday with a beaming smile, refreshed and ready for the day/week?
    Negative thinking plays a large part in all this selfish thinking. Yes, I said selfish thinking! That’s exactly what it is…we think negatively about going back to work, yearning for the slopes in Colorado with our main focus being, HOW WE FEEL. No wonder society is turning to instant gratification at a young age! Take for instance, the child who screams bloody murder in the store because the mom won’t give in and buy that shinny truck strategically positioned by the cash register while she is waiting in line. I mean it’s only a dollar or so. And for self preservation, less attention and embarrassment closing in on the mom…guess what? You guessed it…the mom gives in…and we have just created a situation introducing the child to the world of impulse buying, not a need but a want, the art of no self control, and the right to feel sad/dissatisfied with life in that moment in time, with an immediate remedy. But really, what did that insignificant dollar amount actually purchase. You guessed it…a HUGE lesson for the child. I scream, I get what I want. I’m unhappy, I get what I want. That child will one day go to work…be unhappy and find the only solution known…search the internet for the best 2 week holiday to satisfy him/her. And the question remains…does it really satisfy?
    We as a society have to find a way to be happy exactly where we are in life…and not always yearning for the things we don’t have or the vacation we just had. If we stop and think about it…does that not make us seem very shallow? That all we think or want in life is for ourselves. Try going out and helping someone, doing something for someone without wanting recognition, applause by an audience or trade for the deed!
    It’s all too easy to sit back and ‘whine’ away your life. Get up and start your day thinking of something you can do for SOMEONE ELSE… your partner/friend/ your children, to make a difference in THEIR world, one day at a time. If you fill your time off thinking of others, you WILL be a happier person. Your work days will fly by and before you know it…holiday time will be near. You will hurriedly make your reservations… plan to go with some ‘like minded’ friends on holiday. You will have a wonderful time and come back refreshed, ready to start your day off again THINKING OF OTHERS.
    So…forget the part in the article and I quote… “you try waking up 20 minutes earlier, to allow time for a short walk before work. A bit less of the snooze button, a few more moments to clear the mind.” just GET UP AND GET ON WITH IT….QUIT WALLOWING IN SELF PITY and you might actually feel better about YOU! For heaven’s sake, start today, geeze! And when you have it worked out in your head…pay it forward 😉
    Remember, happiness comes from within and it’s contagious. Something we can all learn from, and perhaps with transparency pass to the next generation, ultimately creating a happier world!

    • Ed Ross - 6 years ago

      Thanks for reading and replying, Evelyn! Your comments certainly gave us something to think about. It’s definitely a good idea to aim to only do the things you love, but sometimes even the job you love can be tiring. That can make it satisfying, but also something you need to take a break from every now and then. Both the job and vacation can be fun and enjoyable, but they’re very different things, so it can take time to adjust from one thing to another. That could still mean you’re happy, just a little tired 😉 The idea of paying happiness forward is lovely.