How to Start Your Day in a Healthier Way

Start your day in a healthy way

Ever wake up feeling like a bear with a sore head, knowing this day’s going to be bad one and you’re powerless to stop its inevitable course? Maybe times are hard and circumstances are stacked against you, in which case a certain measure of morning misery might be expected. But you might also be perpetuating your own distress with an unhealthy morning routine. Here are a few practical tips about how to get out of bed on the right side.

Don’t snooze too long.

When we’re dreading getting out of bed, we put it off as long as possible, and sometimes we press the snooze button half a dozen times before entering the land of the living. Try to bite the bullet and get up on the second or third snooze. You’re hardly missing out on sleep, since disrupted slumber between alarms is often stressed and disorientating; and you’re limiting your chances of being late. There’s nothing like rushing around like a headless chicken in the morning to put you in a bad mood.

Needs must.

So first things first, drink a glass of water. We dehydrate dramatically when we sleep, and watering the roots first thing will help combat the fatigue which is probably contributing to how you feel.

Open the curtains.

Even if it’s a rainy day – letting in a little natural light will make stepping outside seem like less of an upheaval, and prevent your home looking gloomy when you come back at night.

Make the bed.

It’s a small gesture but returning after a hard day to a welcoming bedroom is one of life’s innocent pleasures, and making the bed in the morning says ‘I care about myself’.

Don’t overdose on coffee.

More than two or three cups a day is not recommended, and building up a dependency will make those pre-mug minutes every day seem worse than they need to.

What helps you to start your day in a healthier way?