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Want to get fit? Aiming to eat more fruit and veg? Maybe you’re already in great shape but want to keep up the good work. Whatever your fitness level, if you want to achieve something this year, now is a great time to get going. But how can you stop your good intentions falling by the wayside?

Health and fitness expert Matt Roberts says that when people don’t achieve their goals, it’s often because they have no firm direction. Instead of vaguely telling yourself that you’ll definitely eat better this year or begin taking regular exercise, it can be more useful to set clear objectives. In the same way that many joggers enter races to give them a specific target to work towards.

Early wins

Focus on short-term goals for example, to drink more water or take a walk in your lunch hour, in order to achieve your long-term aims. Early wins will make you feel more positive and boost your motivation to keep up the good work. A long-term objective should be a clear and specific target to focus on, such as losing a certain amount of weight or being able to run a certain distance.

Eyes on the prize

Fitness guru Nate Miyaki says that it’s important to put your goals somewhere you can see them everyday to remind you of your aims. He recommends telling at least one other person about your ambitions so they can help keep you on track. And we’ve got a great new tool to help you do just that. Say hello to This Is Me 2014.

Our fun new quiz helps you to create your vision of 2014. It’s your very own vision board − a colourful picture of your hopes and ambitions for the year ahead. Use it as your laptop wallpaper or stick it on your fridge for daily motivation. You can share it with friends so they can support you when you’re flagging. This Is Me 2014 can help you to set and reach your objectives. Sure you’ve got to do the work, but if you really want it, having a vision can help you to shape up and get fitter.

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  • Precious - 6 years ago

    Thanks to you, I’m setting myself a fitness goal and keeping my eyes on the prize. Thxx for sharing…
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    • Victoria Room - 6 years ago

      Hello – that’s great to hear. Keep up the good work and let us know how you get on!