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Goals – the powerful tool to kick-start change

From starting a business to starting a family or running a 5K to running a marathon, we all have our hopes and ambitions. But to make our wishes a reality, it can be a good idea to set goals. After all, they say that goals are dreams with deadlines. And setting targets may help you to think about what you really want in life. So where do you start?

Focus the mind

Maybe there is one key area you want to change, or one essential thing you want to achieve. But most of us will probably have a few areas where we’d like to make improvements. Whether that’s learning a new skill, boosting career prospects or doing more fun stuff, the list is endless.

Of course, goal setting is just the start. To make your vision a reality requires action and that kind of commitment might not always be easy. But there are ways you can help yourself.

Visualise your goals

To boost your chances of success, it’s really important to write your aims down and keep them in sight. According to success coach and consultant Maggie Wray, writing down an objective makes you ten times more likely to achieve it.

A study of Harvard MBA graduates looked at goal setting activity and found that 84% had no specific ambitions, 13% had targets but they weren’t written down and 3% had clear, written intentions. Ten years later: the 13% who had goals were earning, on average, twice as much as the graduates who hadn’t had them; and the 3% who had written their plans down were earning ten times as much.

Share your ambitions

Everyone has unique plans but you might find a friend on the same wavelength. If you want to get fit, maybe your friend does to – you could train together and spur each other on. The simple fact of telling others about your plans can make you more likely to achieve them by getting them out into the ‘real world’. And if you stumble here and there, your friends can help you get back up and on track.

Whatever your plans for the future, our new quiz This Is Me 2014 is a fun and easy way to set your goals. It helps you create your vision of the year ahead that you can print out and stick on your fridge for daily inspiration. You can even share it with friends (on or offline) so they can help you to stay motivated. And when you start taking steps to achieve your ambitions, just think how good you’ll feel. Why not start today and try the quiz for yourself?

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