5 tools to help you learn about yourself

5 Tools to Help You Learn About Yourself

How well do you really know yourself? We often take the fact that we understand ourselves for granted – as if it’s something that happens automatically. But surrounded by the noise of our daily lives, it’s often useful to step back and take a quiet moment to remind ourselves. Here are five tools we’ve found that will help you learn more about yourself today to make the process easier:

Understand Your Doodles

Do you doodle? Many people love to scribble away absent-mindedly, and we’ll be the first to admit that this is often the case even in our offices. So, as you’re doodling away, do you think your scribbles are meaningless? Find out for yourself with this great page on what your doodles could say about you.

Understand Your Personality

We’ll admit we’re a little biased when it comes to learning about your personality, but hand on heart OCEAN – The Big Five Personality Test is the most advanced and accurate test to come out of the VisualDNA offices. If you’re serious about learning about yourself, a personality test is a great start.

Learn About Careers

Your job or career forms a big part of your life – so if you’re trying to learn about yourself, it might be worth looking at which careers would suit best to you and your personality. Here’s a detailed Career Test from BBC that we like.

Understand Your Emotional Intelligence

Do you find it easy to understand and manage your own as well as others’ emotions? Emotional intelligence helps you build stronger relationships and achieve your personal goals and we found a quick test to help you identify how you’re doing.

Learn About Yourself with Journaling

Sometimes it’s best to go back to the basics – a pen and a piece of paper can often be the best tools to allow you to be with just yourself. Start writing about yourself, your worries and your life. This article has excellent prompts to get you started.

Which other tools have helped you learn more about yourself?


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  • Caitlin - 7 years ago

    In response to the question at the end of ‘5 tools to help you learn about yourself’, The OCEAN quiz is the best. Also, an idea is to use talents to express feelings. For example, I write a lot of (admittedly dreadful)songs, so I write in them what I feel. I also add who/what it is about in the title.

    • Victoria Room - 6 years ago

      Thanks Caitlin. We agree that using your talents to express yourself can help you to learn more about who you are. It could be through your job, a hobby, volunteering, sports… for you it’s all about the songwriting?

  • Javier - 6 years ago

    No cumplen con su promesa de enviar el resultado de su encuesta.

    • Victoria Room - 6 years ago

      Hola Javier, were you expecting some results from us that you didn’t receive? Let us know the details and we’ll see what we can do. Thanks.